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In other news, we apologize for not having updated the guide in a while but we are working on putting together a printed guide to the bouldering on Independence Pass. With all of the recent and undocumented development (ongoing!) we felt it was time for a dedicated printed guide. With that said there are a lot things still to be done and new boulders and lines to be cleaned and sent this upcoming season, so look for the book to come out this winter (just in time to get everyone stoked for the following season!?) We will be posting updates and creating a facebook page for the book as we get closer to finished product so keep checking back to stay in the loop!

This site is intended to be a community resource for bouldering on Independence Pass, Colorado. Featuring an online guide to bouldering on the pass, a media section for photos and video, and a web forum to discuss whatever.

Send us pictures, send us video, send us new problems, we'll put 'em on the site. If you have any suggestions for the site let us know.

Get out there and have fun!

Notes on The Guide

The online guide is by no means exhaustive and is meant to provide an easily accessable and updateable reference to bouldering on Independence Pass. We welcome community input and revisions. If you have a new route or area you'd like to see included, let us know. If you disagree with a rating, a description, a route name, etc., let us know.

There are also two excellent printed guides to Independence Pass: Tom Perkins' Independence Pass Rock Climbing II and Phillip Benningfield's Colorado Bouldering.